All that’s wrong in the kpop world: pseudo-child pornography tied up with a ribbon

Oh, kpop.  How I love you, and how I hate you.  There are times when I come home after a long day, and new kpop songs can brighten me up.  I have spent many an afternoon dancing to Bingeul Bingeul and Mr. Simple with my flatmate in the kitchen, professing my love to G Dragon, and wishing I was as pretty and badass as 2ne1 and SNSD.  But at times, kpop can break my heart with some of the worst, most ridiculously horrible crap I have ever seen.

Skarf is a brand spanking new band, which is half Singaporean and half Korean (hence the K instead of the c in the word scarf.  REALLY!?? WAE YOU CHOOSE TO NAME THESE BANDS SO BADLY SOMETIMES!? WAE!??).  They’re apparently going for the cutesy vibe, which I have a tendency to hate with a fiery passion on the best of days.  However, occasionally it wins me over!  Honest!  I don’t dislike Dal Shabet!  I actually like A Pink.  SNSD’s Oh and Genie are two of my favorite songs.  However, SKarf’s Oh! Dance is not one of the few “cute” exceptions.  This song is going down on my list of HATE FOREVER, PLEASE NEVER MAKE A MV OR SONG LIKE THIS EVER AGAIN!!

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Super Junior Spy

I had a pretty busy weekend, hanging out with family and dealing with some stuff I’d been putting off for a while, so last night when I turned on my computer I just wanted something quick to look at before going to bed.  And what did I find?  A little present from youtube saying *NEW SUPER JUNIOR MV*.  I feel like I’ve been waiting for the Spy mv for ages.  I mean, Suju already made their comeback on a music show with the song, but for some reason the mv was nowhere to be found.  I don’t know what the delay was about, but I’m so glad it’s finally out.

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More Kpop (with a little side of Supernatural)

I know I’ve been absent for the past week *my bad* but I’ve actually been quite busy.  Even though it’s summer I’m working on my dissertation for university, which takes up a lot of time researching.  Also, I was in Yosemite for the past two days hiking, so I’ve had no time to update.  However, I’m BACK!!  I have to be honest, I’ve not been watching any Asian dramas in the past week.  Instead, in the limited free time I have gotten, I’ve been marathoning Supernatural again.  I’m only on Season 2 (I only started watching it this year, I was a late bloomer), but I absolutely love love LOVE Dean, played by Jensen Ackles.  I’m normally not a fan of blonde or muscly men, but boy is he an exception.  He has friggin beautiful eyes.  And as you probably all know if you’ve read other posts from this blog, I love characters who are gruff and unable to express emotions well, but have a soft side deep down, so I officially love Dean.  Also, he’s hilarious!!

so much approval right now

However, moving on from Supernatural, I was thinking of doing a little kpop update again.  There haven’t been many songs that I like out recently, so this will be a small post!

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Asians and their inexplicable ability to pull off any fashion

So this is going to be a short but *hopefully* sweet post.  Today I was organizing my images folder (it’s a form of procrastination, and it makes me happy to re-look at pics of shirtless men… don’t judge me) and I stumbled on this great picture from Queen Inhyun’s Man, of Ji Hyun Woo (playing Kim Boong Do).

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PSY Gangnam Style

Ok, so I really wasn’t planning on doing two posts today, but I just can’t NOT share the epicness that is PSY’s new mv, Gangnam Style.  The music video is freaking hilarious, and it’s got awesome cameos from Hyunah, Yoo Jae Seok, and Noh Hong Chul.  Watch if you’re in the mood to laugh and bop along to a great beat!

It’s really great to see PSY back after two years.  I missed him.  His last song Right Now had me dancing in the street on my way to classes for months, and I have a feeling this will be my new crack song!

Ksquish’s Kpop Updates!!

I’m Back!!! You’ve missed me haven’t you!??

Seriously, the fashion is WEIRD sometimes

As is mentioned in my “About Me” section of this blog, over the course of the past few years I’ve become a pretty diehard fan of Kpop.  My friends tend to find it amusing that a girl who normally listens to bands like Radiohead and Mumford and Sons devotes hours of her time watching music videos and shouting “G DRAGON SARANGHEYO” in my room, but it is a fact, nevertheless, that Kpop is ridiculously catchy.  Everything about the way it is manufactured, from the *cough* extremely attractive men, the boatloads of guyliner, the flashy (though at times bizarre) outfits, and the catchy tunes that get stuck in your head within seconds, that make Kpop very difficult not to love once you’ve been converted.  So, considering the fact this blog is still experimental, I thought I’d do a little post on the songs I’ve been jamming to over the past few weeks.  If people like it, maybe I’ll make it a recurring theme!

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