Sorry it’s been a while!

Hi guys!

I sincerely apologize about having not posted for so long.  However, as a fourth year university student, currently writing my dissertation, I’ve had to deal with a massive increase in work.  On top of that, I’ve been traveling and my laptop broke for a while, so all in all, it was lucky for me to even be able to get online to check my e-mail, let alone write a blog post.

Unfortunately, I’m not writing a full post right now.  However, this is a promise post that this week, when I get the time (and unfortunately it might not even be til Saturday), I will write a full one.  However, it will be a bit of a catch up, to let you guys know where I’m standing!  Recently I’ve been finishing up two dramas that have been absolute pleasures to watch.  One is a kdrama, and the other a jdrama, and both are absolutely amazing, and should be given a chance by everyone.

Firstly, the Kdrama, Answer Me 1997, or alternately known as Reply 1997.

This show is absolutely hilarious.  I know it’s been extremely popular, so most of you already know about it, but just in case you haven’t, this show is amazing.  It’s about a group of friends in 1997 who are quirky and bizarre, and the hijinks they get up to back in the day.  It also has great cuts to the present, at a high school reunion, where you get to try and figure out how the relationships have evolved over the past 15 years.  Not only is there suspense in whether or not relationships have lasted, but there is so much heart and solidarity among the friends that it’s completely winning.  My personal favorite is Kang Joon Hee, played by Infinite’s Hoya.  He is doing an amazing job playing the gay 4th wheel, who is perfectly content to silently love his crush for all eternity.  *sob*.

There’s loads of humor, none of the female characters are annoying princesses (thank God, finally for a girl who says what she wants and is who she wants to be), and the show also manages to mix emotional moments with the funny really well.  This show has had me laughing out loud, spitting food out across counters, and sobbing into my Totoro stuffed animal.  You should all check it out!  I’ve not finished it, but I’ve only got three episodes left and I just know it won’t fail me now!


Rich Man Poor Woman

This show is one of my favorite recent Jdramas.  I finished it this weekend, and it really did just hit all the right notes for me.  I’ve noticed a steady decrease in romantic dramas over the past few years in Japan, which is unfortunate, because when Japan does them, it does them well.  This is a rare gem, which is held up by not only the superb acting, impeccable placement of soundtrack, and well-written storyline and dialogue.  It puts a new twist on the Cinderella storyline, where the girl doesn’t just marry the rich man, but also gains a whole ton of self confidence and becomes a smart, independent woman who can hold her own as well.  Likewise, it transforms the cold, cerebral businessman character (played by Oguri Shun), into one of the most adorable manchilds ever.  I think I’m going to write a full review of this show when I have the time, so I don’t want to spoil it, but seriously, this show is great, and if you like romance, watch it.

Here’s a fanvid by Iambananal in case anyone wants a taster!

So again, sorry about my fail over the past few weeks, but I’ll try to start posting more regularly again! What have you been watching?  Anything really awesome? Lemme know!  Comments are loved!




3 thoughts on “Sorry it’s been a while!

  1. *hugs you tight* I missed you! :3

    Good luck with your dissertation! It’s such a pain in the ass. I’m busy with mine atm and no matter how much I love literature, I don’t like the pressure. >_>

    So you’ve been watching Reply 1997! My baby Hoya is so amazing there I’ve been hearing. I downloaded the drama but there are no softsubs (not that I know of at least), so I suppose I’ll need to watch it online (and I hate watching stuff online >_>). But anyway, I’ll make sure to watch it because, well, HOYA… :3 It’s good to know the story is not boring. >D

    • GOLLUM!!! I’ve missed you too! Hoya’s doing absolutely amazing! I’m so happy you like Infinite. They’re such an awesome group!
      And I’ve been watching it softsubbed. I found them on asiatorrents ( If that doesn’t work, just search 1997 and it should come up! Though I’ve only found the first 14 eps so far. Have you seen that Shohei’s in a new drama, that actually looks vaguely interesting!? SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!!!

      • I DO LOVE INFINITE!!! :3 I’d have never thought a boyband would be this addicting. You should watch their Ranking King, they are purely adorable!
        Ah thanks for the info! I’m downloading it rn. Can’t wait to see my lovely Hoya’s acting. (There is a complete batch of the drama there with subs :o)

        Yes, I know about Shohei’s drama. I’m excited that he has a new TV show but at the same time I’m annoyed that Takei Emi is in that drama, I hate that girl! >_>

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