30 Day Jdrama Challenge: Day 5

Your Favorite Female Third Wheel!

Ok, so to be completely honest, I’m a little stuck on this one.  I have one or two characters in mind, but overwhelmingly I find female third wheels to be annoying, ridiculous creatures who do nothing but dumb down the narrative of the drama.  I don’t know why male third wheels are written as depressing heart throbs whereas the girls are portrayed as backstabbing freaks with no conscience, but for some reason, a huge majority of female third wheels are borderline evil psychopaths or completely one dimensional with no personality whatsoever.  Look at Sprout, for example.  I enjoy the love story, love the third wheel boy (ok, let’s be honest, they’re the OTP), but I friggin hate the third wheel girl.  Honestly half the time I watch the drama I’m imagining throwing darts at her forehead, and if I wasn’t so concerned about the screen of my laptop, I might actually be trying to inflict damage to her 2D face.

I HATE her. Not the actress, the character (fanboys please don’t kill me I’m sure she’s lovely in real life). I would be so happy if her character “accidentally fell” (*cough* I didn’t push her I swear *cough*) off a cliff

Therefore, I will write this post with the small amount of female third wheels I like, as well as including a few secondary females who weren’t in awkward love triangles but still deserve appreciation, because they were awesome and lovely, and did not try to destroy any of my favorite OTPs.

So here goes!  First, the third wheels!

Hanayashiki Hibari (played by Iwasa Mayuko) from Hana Kimi

This girl is just absolutely hilarious.  I wanted to hate her so badly.  She was a meddlesome weirdo in the beginning of the drama, but I totally couldn’t.  Something about the way her minions shouted “HIBARI FOUR” in ridiculously high-pitched voices was so hilarious and bizarre that I honestly found myself thinking “You go girl!”  In the end, I think part of the reason I like her is because she was one big old freak on the inside.  And, her other half of the OTP, rather than Sano, was, in fact, one of the best characters ever: OSCAR!!!

Tell me those two aren’t made for each other.  Honestly, put two massive drama queens together, and what do you get?  Hilarious hijinks!

Kamiya Asuka (played by Fukuda Saki) from Ghost Friends

To be honest, I don’t know if I should count Asuka as a third wheel.   Until basically the last episode, her and Nishi were the OTP, and were going to get together, and have adorable babies, and be the happiest ghost/human couple on earth.  However, the ending of the drama screwed that up, and she ended up as a completely undeserving third wheel.  I understand, based on the plot of this drama, how the two of them had to be separated (due to the whole, him being a ghost, her being alive thing… that definitely causes problems), but the fact that he had to go with the other girl AND leave Asuka was just cruel and unusual punishment.

Can you honestly tell me these two don’t deserve to be together?

They just exude cute!

And they were so lovely together!

That’s it, I ignore that section of the drama.  It never happened.  Nope.  The two of them decided to wait for each other, and when she eventually dies, she goes off to heaven and has mad sex with Nishi forever and they have adorable ghost babies.  That’s how the story ends.

On a side note, except for the questionable ending, this is one of my favorite dramas.  It has adorable chemistry, it has lovely stories, it’s really touching and heartbreaking, and I wish there were more dramas like it.  I know the 30 day challenge isn’t a place I should be plugging a drama, but this one is so underrated that I feel morally obligated to tell people how great it is!

Now, other secondary female leads who are just friggin wonderful and awesome and deserve some lovin!!!

Ebina Mai (played by Kanjiya Shihori) from Buzzer Beat

Mai was just absolutely adorable, on so many levels.

Her friendship with Kitigawa Keiko was adorable and hilarious.  I loved how they acted like real friends, where she would nag Keiko about not wearing enough makeup, and at the same time, totally support her when she was going through a hard time.


Honestly, if you don’t approve of this couple, there is something wrong with you.  Mizobta Junpei is one of the most adorable Jactors out there.  In this drama, not only was he ab-alicious, he was also totally cringe-tastically cute.  He played the youngest, slightly less talented guy who acts like a little puppy dog and has the biggest crush on the sassy older woman Mai.  And Mai’s just like: HELLO SEXY MAN I’LL SAY YES TO THAT!  So much approval!  This couple makes me feel like shitting rainbows and riding unicorns!


Kimoto Mami (played by Toda Erika) in Boss

I love this character to bits.  She was lazy, rude, sarcastic, quirky, unfriendly, and totally awesome.  Her girl crush on her boss was wonderful, and the way she took everything literally, with a completely straight face, was just hilarious.

There are very few female characters out there who literally just don’t give a SHIT, but Kimoto is one of those rare gems.  She does what she wants, she is who she is, and other people can either take it or leave it, cause she honestly doesn’t care either way.  More people need to be like her!


Yamamoto Tamiko (played by Renbutsu Misako) in Q10

I loved how despite the fact that she’s the “stereotypical rebel rock teenager,” she’s actually really sweet, innocent, and sincere.  She cares about the people around her, even though she’s often afraid they won’t understand her or her desires.

Also, I’ve not finished this drama yet (it’s one of the few dramas that I actually like so much, I want to savor, and watch only every once in a while) but if these two don’t get together, I will be very grumpy.  They are so cute together.

Kawai Emiko (played by Takahata Mitsuki) in Q10

 More Q10, but really, this couple is just too perfect.  Again, I’ve not finished it, so don’t you dare spoil it for me, but I hope they stay together forever and have lots of little babies, just like Kaku Kento makes that film.

 They’re honestly so adorable together I wouldn’t even mind if they got together in real life.  In the episode he decided to go to America I was crying so much!!


Orihara Maya (played by the sexy Kichise Michiko) in Bloody Monday

I sincerely love this woman, because yes, she’s kind of evil, and yes, she’s kind of plotting the end of the world plus loads of human destruction, and yes, she doesn’t give a shit as long as someone pays her money, but she is still totally BADASS!!!!

She’s seriously a sexy, independent (for sure) woman, and she is capable of doing anything.  While some of her actions and motives are questionable, you certainly have to admire her confidence and self-assurance!

Also, I haven’t finished either Hungry or Hotaru no Hikari, however the two female third wheels need to be mentioned in my opinion.  First of all, Takimoto Miori is adorable, and based on the very few episodes I saw of the drama, she deserved to get all the love in the world.  Likewise, Kuninaka Ryouko, playing Saegusa Yuuka in Hotaru no Hikari seemed like a legitimately wonderful person.  She acknowledged her crush on Hotaru’s original crush, and rather than turning into some crazy/manipulative/psycho girl, she said, “ok, let’s be rivals, and work hard at the same time.”  No apologies given, no rudeness, just a respectful acceptance.  I don’t know how the drama ended, but I hope she ended up happy!


So that’s it guys!  What do you think?  Anyone I left out?  Anyone you hate?  I love every single comment!


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