30 Day JDorama Challenge: Day 04

Your Favorite Male Third Wheel!

So I realize that I have utterly failed at doing this 30 Day Challenge in 30 days, but I don’t really care.  It’s still a good exercise to get me to write when I don’t feel like it!

So on Day 2 of this challenge, when I was supposed to do my favorite male lead, I basically did a compilation of every single Japanese male character I’ve ever liked.  I realize that was a bit overkill, and not exactly what I was supposed to do.  I am therefore going to try to limit myself for this post!  Third wheel will literally just mean a male who is in a love triangle, and ends up losing out (but I still shipped and loved him furiously anyways).

So, without further ado… My favorite male third wheels in a Japanese drama!  (Like always this is a list, not just one.  I have issues picking favorites).

Nakatsu from Hana Kimi Remake and Hana Kimi Original (played by Miura Shohei and Ikuta Toma respectively)


Gif credit to sakuranamida

Nakatsu is one of the most heart-breaking, loveable characters ever written.  He literally can do no wrong in my eyes.  He has had a couple incarnations, starting with Ikuta Toma, who nailed him spectacularly, and then moving on to Miura Shohei, who filled my heart with happiness and then made me sob like a baby two minutes later.

I personally am not a fan of Mizuki’s character, so it doesn’t really bother me all too much that Nakatsu and Mizuki didn’t get together.  In the original, I totally shipped Sano and Nakatsu like none other.  I mean, how can you see this picture, and not support their relationship?

It’s impossible.  Honestly.  Especially when you realize they’re in the bathroom peeing at this moment.  Pause and appreciate.

I will forever remember Nakatsu yelling OREIWA HOMO JYANAI!!!! while wearing panties around his neck.

I know people liked the remake less, but I’m a fan of Miura Shohei, so whatever he does, I’ll like.  And then the remake added an adorable bromance with Nakatsu and ghost-boy, which is possibly one of the sweetest friendships I’ve ever seen!

Here’s a fanvid of them by IambananaI in case anyone else likes seeing their adorable bromance more!


All together, Nakatsu, regardless of which incarnation (and I’m including the Korean version, because I can already feel myself getting teary-eyed for that poor boy) is possibly one of the sweetest characters on earth.  He loves animals and small children, puts others before himself, is respectful, will do anything for his friends, and is genuinely one of the kindest, most loving people alive.  Any girl who picks a sullen, high-jumping, emotional robot over him is obviously on crack, and therefore Mizuki, you officially are crazy in my opinion!

(this is aimed at Nakatsu, not Mizuki… obviously! NAKATSU ITS OK, IF SHE DOESNT WANT YOU COME TO ME!!!


Akira from Nobuta Wo Produce (played by Yamapi)

Credit to dana-belgrowsky

It’s been a while since I’ve seen this drama, but Yamapi will forever be the adorable scruffball Akira who does weird hand gestures and comes off as mildly stoned.  He’s again, just a genuinely nice guy.  He loves friendship, and him and Kame’s character were frikkin adorable together (just sayin’).

Honestly, a large amount of this drama I spent squealing like a little girl at how adorable Yamapi was.  His character was just so laid back and cute!  He didn’t care what others thought about him, all he cared about was his friends.  I also found it adorable how he sort of forced friendship on people once he decided he liked them.  Like, “I don’t care if you don’t like me, from today onwards, we SHALL be friends!”  I wish more people were like that!


Asamoto Soushi from Zettai Kareshi (played by my first J-drama crush ever, Mizushima Hiro)

Credit to chibisjdrama

Ugh.  So.  Damn.  Sexy.  Well, basically, I’m not entirely sure he counts as a second lead, because in the end, once the robot breaks (oh yeah, spoiler alert, sorry) he does get the girl.  However, there is a good chunk in this drama (and the SP) where he looks at the girl longingly.  I totally supported this character.  Zettai Kareshi was actually my first Jdrama ever.  I watched it in two days and spent the entirety of the second half sobbing, but emerged from those two days feeling happy: it was a cathartic experience.

I mentioned this in the other challenge, but Hiro’s character really was the perfect man.  He was the playboy-turned-monogamous man-child who was in line to inherit a massive business but deep down was much more interested in having a family and creating a small business he could be proud of like his grandfather.  Once he fell for the main girl, he spent all his time encouraging her to pursue her dreams.  While he accepted her for who she was, he also wanted to show her that she could continue to grow as a person, and be whoever she wanted to be.  Ultimately, I’m extremely glad the two of them got together, because they really were perfect for each other.  However, whenever I think of that robot, my reaction will be a flood of tears.



Kyouya from Ouran High School Host Club (played by the utterly shmexy Daito Shunsuke)

Daito Shunsuke is just one fine boy.  He’s sexy.  He’s an amazing actor.  His eyes literally smolder.  The chemistry between Shunsuke and Kawaguchi Haruna was evident to most people.  Blogs I read are obsessed with the two of them as a pairing, and I can completely understand why.  Basically it breaks down to…

…oh I’m sorry.  Was I saying something?  I must have forgotten while I was drooling over this pic.  Whoops.  My bad.  Oh, right, chemistry.  Haruna basically looked like she wanted to jump Shunsuke throughout most of their scenes.  Not like I can blame her.  If that was standing in front of me, I’d have difficulty restraining myself too.

I find it interesting that while watching the anime, if I ever shipped Haruhi with another character, it was always one of the twins (I can’t remember which, oopsies!).  I really enjoyed the storyline between sexy twin wanting to find his own identity and Haruhi, and wished there was more of it.  I was ok with the way it ended, because no matter what, I do support Tamaki and Haruhi as the OTP, but I still loved the twins to no end.  However, in this drama, while I really liked the twins, the boy I was drooling over and shouting “JUST KISS HER ALREADY” at the screen, was Shunsuke.  I don’t know if the writers purposefully did this, or if it’s just because Shunsuke is such a fine actor.  Either way, I think I might go take a break to watch OHSHC again… DAITO AND YUSUKE I LOVE YOU!!


Kikuchi Hiro from Clone Baby (played by Matzusaka Tori)

Credit to iseeikemen

This drama was a bit of a hot mess in my opinion.  The main actor (not pictured) was not good.  He, like other actors I’ve recently talked about (see my Rescue review), unfortunately looks rather bug-eyed while acting surprised, which just made me laugh rather than appreciate the serious-ness of the scene.  Likewise, I was no huge fan of the main female character.  She seemed to depend on the men surrounding her just a bit too much for me.  I like female characters who are independent and are able to take care of themselves, and her character had issues doing that.

However, all my complaints immediately fell away whenever Tori came on screen.  Tori was sexy, he was mysterious, and vaguely creepy, he was really intriguing, and he made me actually want to finish the drama.  Tori is a really great, though underrated actor, who I couldn’t keep my eyes off in this drama.  The scene where his brother died was ridiculously heartbreaking, and his acting was very touching.

In terms of the love triangle, the other guy was so very weak that I found it ridiculous when the girl chose him over Tori.  If I was in this bizarre cloned world of theirs, I would be all over Tori in a heartbeat.  He’s got the bad-boy vibe down, but he obviously cared for the main girl very deeply.  Not to mention, his “tortured soul” vibes were so sexy and heart-wrenching that I was literally clawing at my screen trying to get in to give his character a hug.  The poor guy really needed a hug.


Kagurazaka Makoto in Hana Kimi (played by Shirota Yu)

Lol.  Sorry, just had to put this one in.  His crush on Sano is hilarious, and I totally loved his character.  Just as a refresher, Sano gets drunk, accidentally kisses Yu (because he apparently has a tendency to kiss anyone when he’s drunk… must remind myself to supply people with alcohol and see if this is a common trait in Japan).  Yu’s character is shocked, but thinks he’s sincere, and when he finds out Sano doesn’t remember it, he runs away like a little girl who just found out unicorns don’t exist.  Totally adorable.


5 thoughts on “30 Day JDorama Challenge: Day 04

  1. Ah Nakatsu’s character is probably one of my favorite characters. I just love his character so much. I will never ever forget his monologues or his “ore wa homo ja nai”. Priceless in my book ^.^ Speaking of the Korean version, gotta through something in here about it, I’m pretty impressed by it. I went into the first episode with pretty low expectations but I’m definitely impressed. The guy who plays Nakatsu is doing a fairly good job. Still sadden that I have yet to see Kayashima and are pretty sure they cut him out…..

    Akira….ah Akira. It was my first drama watching Yamapi and I enjoyed the comical character he played. Definitely made the drama more enjoyable for me.

    Soushi….first time I was like this guy is officially my favorite jactor. I was introduced to Hiro there ^.^ The whole way through I was really really REALLY hoping for them to be together and it happened surprisingly. That rarely happens in dramas.

    Oh my gosh…I had NO idea Daito Shunsuke was in Ouran….I must watch. Yusuke is in it too right? That second picture totally convinced me. He looks sooo good…ah I must watch.

    Lol this reminds me that I need to get to finishing this challenge.

    • I’m surprisingly enjoying the Korean version as well! Definitely wasn’t expecting that, to be completely honest. Especially after the first episode when I realized they got rid of Kayashima. I was pretty furious, but it’s winning me over in other ways. There are parts I find frustrating (Mizuki definitely gives off a bit of stalker vibes sometimes), but there is some real cuteness as well. And the guy they got to play Nakatsu is perfect! You should totally watch Ouran. It’s really cute, and I love Yusu and Shunsuke loads so the pretty eye-candy is overwhelming. Thanks for your comment! It always makes me happy to hear other’s thoughts!! ^.^

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