30 Day Jdrama Challenge Day 2

Favorite Male Lead Character

DOHHH I think I’m going to have to revise my 30 day challenge idea.  I can’t pick a favorite.  I don’t know why I thought I could.  I should have been realistic but instead I was stupid and ignored the fact that I get emotionally attached to teacups, so the idea of picking favorites has me sweating and crying within seconds.  Instead I’ve decided I’m going to pick not one favorite but my favorites (the plurality is key) in a category, and then maybe after I write the WHOLE post I’ll pluck up the courage and single out one character *while silently crying and begging forgiveness from the rest of them*.

So without further ado!

Yamamoto Yusuke’s Wataru

mind you his abs don’t HURT this situation at all…

This probably doesn’t surprise anybody.  Tumbling is one of my favorite dramas on earth.  Yamamoto Yusuke is one of my favorite people on earth.  The boy can do no wrong.  I have a secret fantasy that him and Daito Shunsuke and I are all flatmates and we get up to loads of delectable hijinks and then he falls in love with me and we get married and have lots of really cute babies (and Shunsuke’s the awkward third wheel/uncle).  My love for him has been longstanding, but it was really cemented after watching this show, and seeing this character.  I love Wataru who plays the delinquent, mildly idiotic leader of a gang in high school, but when he realizes he needs to take a sports credit in order to graduate, he chooses Tumbling. He falls so hard for the sport that his sincerity and enthusiasm transforms this ragtag group of outcasts into a big family who support each other in their dreams and hardships. Wataru is the heart and soul of the drama, and I honestly wish people like him existed in real life.  He goes for what he wants.  He believes nothing is more important than his friends.  He has the biggest heart on earth, and even though he’s a bit awkward and tough on the outside, he wouldn’t hurt a flea.  I love him so much!

Tegoshi Yuya as Toyama Yukinojo in Yamato Nadeshiko Henge

Now as an American/British girl accustomed to guys trying to confirm their masculinity and refuting any type of homosexuality (unless they are actually gay), I have to admit I absolutely love the cute/princess type for male characters.  They’re just so CUTE!!! In animes, I adore Honey from Ouran High School Host Club (I liked him less in the drama) and in this drama Yuya is just hilarious.  The amount of times he clutches his teddy bear and looks at people with big innocent eyes is uncountable, and gets me giggling every time.  Also, I think it’s really cute that he’s petrified of creepy things, but because he’s got a big heart, he still tries to talk to the creepy, skull-obsessed girl living in their attic anyways.

Miura Shohei as Nakatsu in the Hana Kimi Remake

I know I’m in the minority when I say I like Shohei more than Ikuta Toma, but I’m sorry, I love Miura Shohei and despite the fact that I loved Nakatsu in the original, I was squealing and screaming at the screen in frustration with the remake because I wanted Nakatsu to be happy no matter what.  This Nakatsu just exudes “I’m a puppy, come hug me please” vibes, and seeing his heart get trampled on was like watching a big bad evil toddler kicking the puppy repeatedly in the face.  The only thing I can justify his heartbreak with is that I really didn’t like Maeda Atsuko as Mizuki, and I thought he totally deserved better (cough, Yanagishita Tomo as ghost boy, this is where you step up), so it was actually all a blessing in disguise.

Yamamoto Yusuke as Kayashima Taiki, a.k.a. ghostboy from Hana Kimi Original

Yeah, it’s Yusuke again.  Deal with it.  I love all his characters, but every time he randomly popped up in this drama and creeped people out, I ended up laughing and crying tears of joy and hilarity.  If I lived in the Hana Kimi world, I would totally say no to both male leads and go for ghost boy, because a) I love ghosts and b) I love outcast, nerdy, awkward boys who are really cute.  I love you Yusuke!!!



Mizushima Hiro as Asamoto Soshi in Zettai Kareshi

He’s the perfect second male lead, and everyone knows it.  He’s an anti-establishment, quirky, playboy chaebol who goes against the big corporation he’s inheriting, and deep down wants to have a family and own a small shop that has meaning.  He’s gorgeous, and after the main lead turns out to be a malfunctioning robot, he steps his act up and really manages to support the lady in a wonderful and touching way.  He acknowledges the girl’s love of the robot and accepts her decisions, but he also pushes her to be a better human being and act on her dreams.  As much as I love Night-o the robot, I still think Hiro’s character is the real star here, and while this drama made me cry a bucket-load of tears and have loads of robot-related nightmares, I still really appreciate what they did with all the characters and how the ending acknowledged and resolved the love triangle.

Kamenashi Kazuya as Odagiri Ryu in Gokusen 2

He plays the quiet, sarcastic character REALLY well.  I happen to love the dry-witted, low-energy character who cuts in on all the high energy ridiculousness of the other Gokusen characters.  Takaki Yuya had a similar role in Gokusen 3, and I love his character loads, but Kame beats him in terms of acting talents.  Also, Kame has a really adorable semi-romance going on with Yankumi, which I approve of SO MUCH.


Miura Haruma as Kazama Ren in Gokusen 3

I again talked about this in yesterday’s post, but it’s worth being re-mentioned.  Haruma is a wonderful actor, and Ren’s character is just really likeable.  He’s a truly good person, who worries about his sister, and wants to help his friends, and is a slightly less awesome version of Wataru, really.  Also his hair is beautiful in this show.  So jealous.

Daito Shunsuke as Kiyama in Tumbling

Words aren’t really necessary, because his sexy stare is pretty self-explanatory.  However, if you really want me to explain, then I will.  A) Daito Shunsuke is one of my favorite actors, and is not only extremely beautiful but also unbelievably talented.  B) Kiyama’s character is quiet, sensitive, and shy, but always good, and always attempts to help his friends in his own subtle way.  Now, moving on to the real meat, Kiyama by far has the most intense back-story of all the guys in Tumbling.  The way he carries around the guilt of his best friend’s death is at once touching and heart-breaking.  He is petrified that he could hurt other people, so he isolates himself and refuses to interact with others, despite the fact that he obviously longs for friendship and values certain individuals (like Wataru) very deeply.  When he finally starts to get over his deep sense of guilt with his friends help, he then steals my heart again.  I adore the way he treats Tomo, playing Taku, the gay member of the group of friends.  He acknowledges Taku’s crush on him, and while he can’t reciprocate it, he is grateful and will always treasure Taku no matter what.  I’ve talked about my love of Taku’s storyline before.  I think it’s amazing and very mature for a Japanese drama to address a gay line with such maturity, and not as a joke.  The fact that Kiyama treats Taku with respect rather than humiliating him or being cold is very touching and beautiful in my opinion, and he therefore gains a hundred points in the awesome category!

Yamamoto Yusuke in Atashinchi no Danshi

Get over it.  I love Yusuke.  He plays a model who is petrified of women.  Enough said.  This is one of the most hilarious characters I’ve ever seen, and I remember that when he began to get over his fear of women, I started squealing like none other, because it was adorable and sexy.



Takagi Serai as Pitaro in Zenkai Girl and Kato Seishiro in Yamato Nadeshiko Henge


THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!  They both play the most adorable little boys ever.  I have so much approval for these two little child actors! Can’t wait to see them in more!

Anyways I think that’s it!  I’m probably missing out a whole host of other characters, but as this list has gotten insanely long, I’m going to end it here, because I could go on all night.  I think if I really have to pick a winner, I’m going to go for Yamamoto Yusuke (duh) in Hana Kimi.  I just love ghost boy.

The fact that he’s Yamamoto Yusuke has absolutely nothing to do with it… whatsoever… don’t be ridiculous… I wouldn’t ever be that biased… at all… cos it’s not like I love Yusuke… or anything… Lol.  Yeah, well everyone here could probably guess it would be him (though I have no idea why…).  ANYWAYSSSS lemme know what you guys think!  Agreement?  Disagreement?  I love every single comment I get!


5 thoughts on “30 Day Jdrama Challenge Day 2

  1. Ahhhhhh I love like every character you listed! They of course aren’t my absolute favorite (I don’t think I picked any of them for the challenge I did) but I am quite fond of all of them! I will point out, Miura Shohei did a great job as Nakatsu. He certainly did Nakatsu justice, much to everyone’s surprise. At least that’s what I believe. However Ikuta Toma will always be my favorite ❤ Of course I must talk about the amazing Yusuke ^.^ Out of all the characters he played I have to say him as Kayashima was my favorite. Every other role of his is a runner up lol. Just because that's when I really fell for him and oh I loved his portrayal of Kayashima. It makes me weary of how he will be portrayed in the Korean version…

    • Ugh god I know. If they Kayashima/ghost boy isn’t good I will be very grumpy with the new one. So who is your absolute favorite then? Also I belated realized this was supposed to be only a male LEAD list. whoops. well, i got a bit carried away 😉

      • Ahhh you kind of put me on the spot ^.^ To be honest my ABSOLUTE favorite either Oguri Shun in Tokyo Dogs, Hiro in Tokyo Dogs, or Ikuta Toma in Hana Kimi. Now that I think about it, Domyouji had his annoying points so he was ruled out of the ranking lol. But really, I will be beyond disappointed if Kayashima is not portrayed well. I haven’t even heard any official news of the casting of Kayashima…

      • Aww. I haven’t finished Tokyo Dogs but from what I have seen, Shun and Hiro were awesome. Totally approve! I do have a soft spot for Domyouji but he’s definitely not perfect. And I know, I’m getting really nervous they’re not going to have the Kayashima character. If they get rid of his character, I’ll be beyond angry.

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