30 Day Jdrama Challenge

Hey guys!  So I realized the reason I wasn’t posting as much as I did in the beginning was because I didn’t really have a structure anymore.  Normally I’d probably be making reaction posts about the current dramas I’ve been watching.  However, I’m still in the midst of my Supernatural marathon atm, and I don’t really feel like posting about how much I fangirl over Jensen Ackles every time he’s on screen.  So, I’ve decided to give myself some structure, I’m going to try the thirty day Jdrama challenge, and then if it goes well, maybe afterwards do the 30 day kdrama challenge!

So let’s begin!

For reference, here’s the link to the tumblr post I found the challenge on <http://fuckyeahasiandrama.tumblr.com/post/3704083344/30-day-jdrama-challenge&gt; and here is my day 1!

Day 01: Your favorite Jdrama

So my favorite Jdrama is really a three-way tie, which you guys might call out as cheating *but I don’t care cos I’m doing it anyways.*  So, here goes!

Gokusen 3


I adore these boys so much.  The reason I love this drama to bits is because of the goofy, sincere, gruff, dorky, heartfelt, and wonderful characters in this drama.  You could probably tell from my Battle of the Boys post  https://ksquish.wordpress.com/2012/07/12/battle-of-the-boys/ that I love this show.  Whenever I’m in a bad mood, I watch this show again.  It at once makes me laugh and cry, and by the end of one episode I feel completely restored and happy again. The story lines are very heartfelt, and there’s just something about young guys struggling to learn who they are and understand their dreams that gets me in the gut every single time.

It definitely helps that the guys are pretty damn sexy as well.


I know a lot of people hero worship Miura Haruma.  I’m not a huge fangirl of his, but I do really really like him.  This is by far my favorite of his roles as well.  I like me some hot deliniquent guys, what can I say?



This drama is similar to Gokusen.  Delinquent guys, who are deep down softies with big hearts, trying to overcome obstacles and follow their dreams.  However, it is also a sports drama, and these guys TUMBLE.


In the most ridiculous costumes ever, may I add.  However, this drama is way more than that.  It is so heartfelt and sincere that even just listening to the soundtrack results in me sobbing.  While in Gokusen, the guys and the bromance probably trumped the story lines, I feel like the story is just as important in Tumbling.  Some of the issues these guys go through are seriously harrowing and intense.  However, it never feels like the drama is just for drama’s sake.  The issues are all real problems high schoolers go through.  They are sad and intense, but they get through them because the boys are always there for each other.


You all know I love Yamamoto Yusuke, so the fact that he’s the main lead in this drama adds to the love.  However, while I’ve always had a soft spot for Yusuke, this is the drama that had me go gaga over him.  It also brought my attention *and subsequent love* to Miura Shohei, Daito Shunsuke, and Kaku Kento, who are all on my list of loves.  This show is way more than just a sports drama, and I luff it forever.

Love Shuffle


This is my favorite Japanese romcom.  Ever.  And that’s coming from a girl who’s a diehard Hana Kimi and HYD fan.  I love Mukai Osamu, and I love Tamaki Hiroshi.  However, this drama is spectacular because it really focuses on romance in a way I’ve never seen in a drama.  It has all the high-speed comedy (which is hilarious, may I add) that characterizes Jdramas, but it also has wonderful slow moments that really focus on the characters and their evolutions.  It looks at romance in a very realistic, almost cynical way at first, but then in following these characters’ paths, and the way they mature together, the romance evolves in a wonderfully natural way.


What’s really nice about this show is that friendship comes first.  This random group of people all become close and amazing friends.  They learn about each others’ personalities.


They fight, they bicker, and then as they grow so used to each others’ company, they realize their relationships means much more than they ever thought they would.  


This drama will always and forever be one of my favorites, and anyone who likes either friend or romance shows should really give it a try.  The humour is pretty damn good as well.

Go ja-panda!!

Anyway, that’s it for my day 1!  What do you guys think!?  What are your favorite shows?  Comments are loved!!!!


5 thoughts on “30 Day Jdrama Challenge

  1. TUMBLING! It’s like the best J-drama I’ve ever watched. Not just because it has the boys I love, but mainly because these guys put so much effort in this drama. I enjoy watching their training video as much as I love watching the drama itself. I used to watch one episode every night for 1,5 years. XD I should start doing it again seriously. I can’t get enough of this perfection. Though I think some characters could have been more in-depth. It’s the problem with J-dramas; they are 11 episodes at the most, and because of that either some characters or a certain part of the plot remains unsatisfactory. That aside, I’m almost sure no other J-drama has been as challenging as this one for the actors. The boys got really good projects after this one though. xD I hope Yusuke and Shohei will be in a drama/movie together again, I can’t get enough of them! Or then I’ll be fine as long as they are a part of a good drama, I hate seeing them in secondary roles. >_> Especially Shohei… It’s as if they are casting him for dramas that wouldn’t normally attract attention if he weren’t a part of it as the main “eye candy”.

    Honestly I don’t love Gokusen as much as I love Tumbling, but still it’s so fun to re-watch. xD Not to mention Haruma has my favourite hairstyle of his in this drama. He looks gorgeous. :3 Shohei is a real rookie here though. XD It’s great to see him growing up as an actor from Kamiya to Ryosuke/Nakatsu/Taku (lol too many characters I love and couldn’t choose only one of them).

    • Haha aww yay. Based on your tumblr I could pretty much guess you’d agree with me on Tumbling. I love it so much! I actually tried watching it once and couldn’t get past the first episode, but then I sat down and marathoned it, and then when it was over it felt like there was a big hole in my heart missing. I love it so much, and it never fails to make me happy when I’m in a bad mood. I don’t watch an episode a night, though I very often watch fanvids just to remind me of its greatness! About Gokusen, I agree, Haruma’s hair makes me so jealous. I tried to dress up as him for a party once and his hair was so perfect (and mine was so NOT perfect) that I was close to tears. I just really love the comedy in Gokusen. It’s so hyper and the guys are such goofs! And of course I love Shohei in both of them (though a lot more in Tumbling, just because he’s improved so much). But what can I say, I’m a sucker for dramas with pretty boys acting well. I hope Yusuke and Shohei get better roles soon!

  2. I’m starting this challenge too! Well actually I started it a while ago buuuut I haven’t exactly gotten around to finishing it. I’ve only watched Gokusen 3 and Tumbling from this list, both of which I haven’t finished. Not because they were terrible, far from it, I just never got around to finishing them. But hands down, Hana Yori Dango is my all time favorite drama. No other jdrama really comes close to HYD for me. If you look further down the line, Hana Kimi is there. But I think I’ll try Love Shuffle after I finish To The Beautiful You.

    • Aww see I love HYD but I just can’t stand the angst and his evil evil mom. So I can’t say it’s my favorite, though I love watching it. I’ve been forcing my flatmate to watch it recently and she adores it, though she thinks the Korean one has hotter guys (she’s on crack). You should defs give Love Shuffle a try! After our To The Beautiful You date of course, where we either praise it loads or weep over the ashes of what could have been… 😉

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