Current Jdramas!!

Hi guys!

I decided I’d write a little post about three currently airing jdoramas I’ve been watching.  I’ve already talked about some of them briefly in my drama update list, but this will be a sort of mini-review of the episodes out so far!

First, GTO 2012 (a.k.a. Great Teacher Onizuka 2012).

So, I really liked the first episode of this drama, as I mentioned in an earlier post.  I love Yamamoto Yusuke, and even though he has a relatively small part in this show, his limited screen time is still epic.


Likewise AKIRA is doing a smack-dab brilliant friggin job as the former legendary bike gang member: rough around the edges gangster turned teacher.

However, I have to admit, the kids playing the students haven’t really been doing it for me. They’re prone to a lot of awkward sneering, which is obviously meant to show their VERY SCARY HIDDEN PERSONALITIES, but the end result just leaves me concerned their faces will stay that contorted in awkward evils…

evil doesn’t suit you… stop it Haruna!

I’ve never seen the original, and I don’t know why these students are so inherently anti-teachers, but after a while I have to admit it grates on my nerves to see students being evil and grumpy just for the sake of it.

seriously will you SMILE already!??

I’m hoping we’ll get some more plot development soon so we can at least understand why Kawaguchi Haruna’s character and the rest of the class are so against teachers.

…kinda, otherwise you won’t graduate high school… or get jobs… or you know, go to college… all that stuff?

However, moving on from some clunky evil-doers, the main plots continue to be heartwarming, and AKIRA’s disgruntled and mildly idiotic trust in students is very endearing.  If you like Gokusen and other shows about school life, you should check it out.  Rating so far, 6/10 (not horrible, but with room for improvement).




Rich Man Poor Woman

I LOVE this show!!  I admit, I made fun of it before watching.  Come on, the title alone just begs to be mocked.  So uncreative.  However, don’t let that distract you.  The plot is much richer, deeper, and more intriguing than the lackluster title implies.  It is not solely about a rich man and a poor woman.  In fact the woman is a brilliant yet down on her luck university student who’s in the midst of job searching, whereas the man (played by my LOVE Oguri Shun) is one of those genius strategists and business planners who despite never having finished high school has managed to create one of the richest corporations in Japan.

I’m awesome, don’t you know?

The show works as a commentary on the benefits of education versus innovative techniques, rather than just a simple romance.  At the moment, I don’t even care if the two characters get together, because the world, characters, and plot is so interesting without the romance. However, the two leads have adorable chemistry.  Oguri Shun is, of course, amazing, and manages to play the annoying character of a business man without feelings really sympathetically.  Each character has more than just one side to them, which adds refreshing complexity to the usual cliche characters in an office romance.  Seriously, if you’re not watching this show so far, you have to start! 9/10 (so far, you better not disappoint me in the future drama.  If you do, we will have words!)




Lol.  Oh dear.  So I was bored last night and watched the first two episodes of this ridiculous show.  I have to admit, if I was 12, this show might appeal to me.  However, I’m sorry if this offends major fans of the show, but at the moment, I really dislike it.  On the surface, it has a lot of potential as a cute, no brainer, summer high school romance.  However, in my opinion it takes itself way too seriously.  The main girl is constantly moaning, first about having her home converted to a boarding house, then about falling in love with one of the boarders who already has a girlfriend.

Seriously is there a ban on smiling in dramas? What’s going on? First GTO, now you?

She keeps talking about this guy as her “fated person,” all because when she was sick once, a guy she doesn’t remember helped her to the infirmary, and she’s now convinced its him.


I’m really sorry to be that unromantic realistic person, but this girl is in HIGH SCHOOL.  I realize everything seems more important when you’re young, but she’s known this dude for like two days, is suddenly deeply in love with him, is crying all the time, and honestly, I DON’T CARE.  If she was a nice character with some redeemable traits, maybe I would care more.  However, either because the girl acting is doing a bad job, or because the character herself is completely annoying, I really don’t care if she gets this boy or not.

I see a great future for you as a mopey stalker.

None of the acting is good, and so far I’m really unimpressed.  I did take a look at the manga after watching it, because I’ve heard lots of people complaining about the dissimilarities between the two, and while I don’t love the manga, its story is much more redeemable than the one in the show.

awkward turtle. lols. seriously, who ARE YOU!?? why are you even here except to look pretty and take up space? and WHY HAS EVERYONE CAUGHT THE NO SMILING DISEASE!???

At least the girl in the manga has a spine and an interesting personality, compared to the current Moaning Myrtle we’re faced with in the drama.  Current rating 3/10 (sorry if you disagree, I just really don’t like it.)

still no smiles… but seriously, listen to your friend. don’t become a cheater McCheaterson in high school.  it foreshadows bad stuff for your future

Anyways, that’s it! Sorry if you guys disagree and all hate me!  It’s just my honest opinion!  In terms of Kdramas, I still need to finish SUFBB.  I’ve been putting it off because I have a feeling there will be angst coming and I don’t want the cuteness of the boys to end.  Anyways, what do you guys think?  Any other shows I should check out?  Do you agree?  Comments are loved!!!

On a side note, Seungri what are you doing with Oguri Shun!?? STOP CONFUSING MY KOREAN JAPANESE FANDOMS!!!

…you’re just screwing with my head intentionally, aren’t you?


11 thoughts on “Current Jdramas!!

  1. Thanks for this update, hun! I’m in desperate need for watching some different dramas. I was wondering about Shun’s new one. As you said the title is a bit off, so I wasn’t sure whether to check it or not. xD I’m not into any cheesy romance stuff, so… I might give it a try. 🙂
    I totally love GTO remake! I wasn’t expecting AKIRA to be that good honestly, but he proved me wrong. No need to mention Yusuke, he’s so lovely. :3 That class issue is so cliché though. Totally reminds me of “Seito Shokun!”. Also I just can’t like Haruna. In Ouran, I think she’s not really reflecting Haruhi’s character, and in GTO she can’t just act as an evil student. Idk >_>
    About Shohei’s new drama Beautiful Rain… I watch it within 15 minutes, skipping %90, and taking screencaps of Shohei (*shallow* >D), but still I can catch up with the plot. Ugh, that drama is beyond boring. I won’t suggest it as an interesting or a “must-watch” drama, but Shohei’s so cute there so you might just do as I do for his sake. xD I wonder why he is not given proper roles in dramas. I’d love to see him as a villain! :3

    • HALLOOO!! ^.^ Thanks for the comment! You should totally check out Rich Man Poor Woman. I honestly went in with low expectations and I was shocked by how good it is. I’m glad I’m not the only one about GTO. I’m really really enjoying it, I just think Haruna’s character in particular is so annoying. She’s not playing the antagonist well at all. Her evil sneer is annoying rather than intimidating. It’s disappointing, because I was hoping after OHSHC she’d do well. She wasn’t my choice for Haruhi but I didn’t think she did awfully. However, I’m really disappointed by her in GTO, so maybe Yusuke was just making her seem like a better actor (cos he be awesome) than she really is.
      Lols, maybe I should watch Beautiful Rain the way you do. I wasn’t interested in the plot but I do love Shohei so damn much. *sigh* Why is he so cute and pretty, but in such bad shows recently? I agree, him as a villain would be really awesome. I want to see him as a main lead as well. He was so great in the Hana Kimi remake, even though the rest of the show was a bit of a dud. So much cuteness overload! Ah well, what can we do? Might as well just watch and take screencaps of him!

      • You’re welcome, bb!
        Okies, then I’ll download it. =D Do you know any other J-dramas that are worth watching? I mean of course the ones without Yusuke, Shohei, and Haruma since I’ve watched all of those multiple times. XD Any genre other than romance would do.
        Ugh, I totally agree with your thoughts on Haruna in GTO! I feel like slapping her every time she appears. >_> In Ouran, I don’t hate her but she remains a bit “soft” where Haruhi needs to be more fierce, such as when she has to be irriated/angry. That’s what I love the most about her (she is such an anti-heroine!) and Haruna is not giving it to me.
        That’s a big mystery to me! He’s improved himself as an actor, he’s so lovely, and there is no need to comment on his hotness, yet he’s always given these side characters. >_> I’m so not amused! xD Perhaps he’ll get a better role in the autumn/winter season since generally the best dramas come out then.
        I highly recommend you to do that regarding Beautiful Rain. XD

    • I’m hoping both Yusuke and Shohei get bigger roles in the fall season. As much as I’m loving GTO I can’t believe he got such a small role in it. He’s so good as a leading character so I don’t know why they’re delegating him tiny ones!
      hmm, and as for other dramas… well, to be honest i’m a big fan of romcoms, so i do tend to watch those a lot. if you’re looking for non romance, i’d check out Boss and Mr. Brain (if you haven’t already seen them). Both are really great, and they’re mystery/crime dramas. Besides that I don’t really know. My favorite Japanese drama ever (besides Gokusen and Tumbling and anything with Yusuke and Shohei) is Love Shuffle. It’s romance, but it’s not cheesy, and it’s got really interesting characters. It’s more about building up friendships between people than romance. I don’t know though, do you ever watch Korean dramas? There are some pretty good ones out there if you’re interested!

      • I do hope so! I just can’t get enough of those two! :3 Even better if they’d be cast in the same drama. 8D It’d be so epic!
        Ah, I’ve heard a lot about Boss and Mr. Brain but haven’t seen those. So I might watch them. (: Hmmm… I also heard “Love Shuffle”, so I can download the first ep. and see what it’s like. Thanks! :3
        I’ve never watched any Kdramas. Idk, I just can’t get into Korean stuff. 😡 But you can still tell me a few good ones (preferably with some hotties in them to motivate me xD) so I might try those. xD

      • Haha. You should definitely look at Mr. Brain. It’s really good, and because it’s got guests each episode, there are some really hot guys (Kame and Sato Takeru are in an episode each)!
        Hmm, well if you’re looking into kdramas with hot guys and no real romance, I’d say you might like White Christmas (it’s a psycho-thriller) of Shut Up Flower Boy Band? I wrote about both of them in other posts here, they’ve got really hot actors and SUFBB is about a sort of grungy rock band of hotties who have adorable bromances. You might like Protect the Boss as well, though I’ve not finished that one. Most kdramas are romcoms though, so that might be why you wouldn’t like them as much!

      • lol I’m not really into Takeru or Kame xD They are cute though. >D I love crime dramas so I’ll check Boss and Mr. Brain then. =D
        The Korean ones you mentioned sound cool. O: I’m curious about SUFBB one the most since it’s about a rock band. xD Btw, because I’m a total n00b when it comes to Korean stuff, do you know any site where I can download these dramas? I don’t like watching stuff online, so it’d be better if I can download them. ^^

      • urgh, unfortunately i haven’t managed to find a good download of SUFBB. all the ones i downloaded had really bad sound, and the only good ones were from episode 11-16. but i normally download everything from d-addicts raw, and then get the subs separately.
        that’s for white christmas if you’re at all interested, but for SUFBB unfortunately i don’t know 😦

      • Oh okies. ^^ I’ve just found a site that has the first 10 episodes with “HDTV 480p” quality, so I’ll download those. The rest is not up on that site yet though. =/
        I’ll also download White Christmas so thanks for the link. =D

      • Sure! When I wrote that I was actually talking about a different site. But then I noticed they uploaded them to RapidShare, and as you know, it’s almost impossible to download something from there if you don’t have a premium account. Then I searched for torrents and found this one. It’s also pretty good. =D

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