KSquish’s Favorite Kactors: Male Edition

K Actors Post

Time for… My Favorite K Actors!!!! Male Edition.  So, like my fave J-actors post, this will lean heavily towards the young and pretty.  That’s just the type of shows I watch *sorry if you’re interested in something more mature*.  Again, this list is in no particular order.

Joo Won

ImageThis man is just all kinds of pretty.  I’m glad he’s beginning to get popular through Gaksital, though I’m happy to say I’ve been his fan for a while.  He’s what kept Ojakyo Brothers interesting.  The man manages to emote like none other.  His crying makes other people cry, which is a very valuable skill as an actor.  I’ve only watched one episode of Gaksital so far, but I was seriously impressed by him.  I’m really looking forward to seeing more of him as a leading man to others.

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Lee Min Ki


LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.  So much love.  Honestly, I have no ability to describe in words how much I love this man.  He’s such an amazing actor, and I really love the fact that he chooses different, independent projects.  He doesn’t pick projects to get famous, he picks projects that really appeal to him, which is why we get his brilliant two-episode cameo in Shut Up Flower Boy Band, and even the role in Nell’s MV, The Day Before.  However, he’s not afraid of humor.  His role in Dal Ja’s Spring was wonderfully romantic and comedic, and his movie Quick is HILARIOUS.  Best action film I’ve ever seen, honestly.  Min Ki lights up the screen, and he has such a magnetism and charisma that your eyes are immediately drawn to him.  I wish Lee Min Ki was my cool older brother who I could hang out with whenever I wanted to, and could show off to all my friends.  I LOVE YOU OPPA!!!

Lee Min Ho


Boys Before Flowers was my first real Korean drama.  I couldn’t finish it all at once because of the angst (I moved on to You’re Beautiful, hence my love for Jang Geun Seok), but I came back to it eventually, and of course marathoned it.  I then forced my best friend and flatmate *HI ROBINSON I LOVE YOU* to watch it, and she too marathoned it.  The show is horribly addictive, and my friend and I often break out into choruses of “ALMOST PARADISE” whenever we see each other.  Lee Min Ho will forever be Gu Jun Pyo to me, and the real charm of the drama was him.  There were major problems with the show, with the angst, spotty acting, evil mother, vague makjang vibes, and stupid plot conventions.  However, Lee Min Ho always managed to bring a smile out on my face.  I’ve only seen three episodes of City Hunter.  For some reason I couldn’t get into it.  However, I’m SO looking forward to his new drama Faith.  Keep up the good work Lee Min Ho!!

Kim Soo Hyun

ImageHe was adorable as Song Sam Dong in Dream High.  His character also had a very sexy character arc, starting as the loyal side kick who hero-worships the girl, to turning bad-boy when he thought he was going deaf.   Dream High had a lot of spotty acting, but Kim Soo Hyun managed to steal the show in every single scene, and balanced all the other rookies out as well.  He was the heart and soul of that show, and while I loved all the characters, I honestly believe the reason Dream High 2 was such a failure in comparison, was because he wasn’t in the show.  He gives off the vibe of a lost puppy sometimes, so when he cries, it’s impossible not to cry along with him.

Ji Hyun Woo


The drama Queen Inhyun’s Man completes me, and his character Kim Boong Do was so cute and adorable and smart and witty, I WANT.  I’ve honestly only seen QIM, so I can’t say much about him, but the 16 episodes I DID see of him were awesome.  I hope he comes back from military service and has more awesome leading man roles in the future!  Also, how cute is it that he’s dating Yoo Ah In?  Such a power couple!

Jang Geun Seok


Ah, Jang Geun Seok was actually my first Korean crush!  No joke!  Before I ventured into the dangerous world of Kpop, Seoky was number one for me, though he was quickly replaced by G Dragon and a host of other Japanese hotties.  I couldn’t help it, his grumpy pout in You’re Beatiful was just too cute, and then his character in Baby and Me was SOO ADORABLE.  That director was a genius, and knew that if you put Jang Geun Seok + baby together, hordes of fangirls would be screaming and crying for years to come.  The first show I ever saw of his was actually DoReMiFaSoLaTiDo, and though it’s not a great film, he was truly adorable in it.  Though I’ve moved on, Seoky will always have a soft spot in my heart.  (Oh yeah, he’s a pretty awesome actor too).

Lee Hong Ki


HONG KI YAHHHH.  So, following Jang Geun Seok, Hong Ki’s role as Jeremy in You’re Beautiful was insanely adorable.  I’ve seen lots of actors try to do the cutesy aegyo role, but Hong Ki owned it like none other.  However, he was also capable of an unbelievable amount of depth.  Was anyone not crying at the scene where he was crying in the bus in You’re Beautiful?  If you weren’t crying, you have no heart!!!


Sung Joon *new addition*


Well, as you can see from my more recent posts, I’ve found a new love, and it is none other than this beautiful, brilliant, talented actor.  I watched White Christmas a few weeks ago, and his role was the one I was most struck by.  Then I finally got around to watching Shut Up Flower Boy Band.  I still need to finish it, but every single scene he’s in is captivating and full of energy.  He has a certain amount of magnetism and charisma that is similar to Lee Min Ki’s.  I can’t wait to see more of his shows.  The fact that he’s still new and raw means that he just has room for improvement.  He can honestly only get better from here, and he seems pretty damn flawless to me!

Kim Jae Wook

ImageI love Coffee Prince.  I love waffles.  I love grumpy silent guys.  Kim Jae Wook, you’re awesome.  I know he got a bigger role in Mary Stayed Out all Night, but I heard that drama was a hot train wreck, so I stayed away from it.  However, when he’s back from his army duty, I’m sure he’s going to be in more awesome shows.  He has an indie vibe like Lee Min Ki, which I love!

Lee Seon Gyun

ImageSome people call him the voice.  Others call him Chep (I think she was trying for Chef, but I swear she was saying Chep).  He’s a great, magnetic actor, who commands the screen, and also gives off a lovely, low-key, effortless vibe.  He never seems to be acting, he seems to just BE the characters.





Kim Bum


ALMOST PARADIIISEEE!! Ok, no, but still, out of the foursome, after Gu Jun Pyo, I loved Kim Bum.  Didn’t everyone?  He was the only interesting one.  He was awesome portraying the noona romance in The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry, and while I’ve only seen a few episodes of Padam Padam, he acts completely different in it, which is shows just how talented he is.

Jo Jung Seok

ImageAww, this man is just adorable.  He was brilliant as the cowardly rich boy in What’s Up, who wants to be a singer but is too afraid to sing in front of others.  Then he was spectacular and stoic in King 2 Hearts as Seung Gi’s loyal sideckick.  I’ve not finished it, but I know how it ends, and I don’t know if I’d be able to handle seeing what happens to him.  He’s not what people call naturally handsome, but his bad-ass acting skills and killer voice make up for it.  Can’t wait to see more from him!



Yoo Ah In


Sexiest man in Sungkyunkwan Scandal by far.  Everyone admits it.  He does tortured bad-ass with a big heart damn well.  And, so pretty!!




Yoo Seung Ho

ImageI’ve only seen Blind and Fourth Period Murder Mystery, but already it’s obvious he’s talented.  What’s even better is he’s finally legal!  No more jailbait!  I’m really looking forward to seeing him in Faith, where he basically plays King of Heaven (with silver hair, can anyone say a quick SEXY HAIIII).






Kim In Kwon

ImageYou’re probably surprised to see him on here, but In Kwon is a GREAT character actor.  He does comedy ridiculously well.  He was great as Go Mi Nam’s irresponsible manager in You’re Beautiful.  He was also hilarious in Quick with Lee Min Ki, as the hopelessly delusional ex-gangster-turned-cop-who-still-thinks-he’s-badass-and-sexy-when-he’s-totally-not.




And finally… my favorite ever… Gong Yoo!!!!

ImageOh sexy sexy sexy Gong Yoo.  His character Choi Han Gyul in Coffee Prince will forever be my perfect, ideal man.  This sexy ajusshi has the full package: abs, beautiful expressive eyes, and some acting skills that can blow anyone out of the water.  I’ve not seen Big yet, but all reports are that he’s carrying the show.  However, I’ve seen Coffee Prince, Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy, My Tutor Friend, Spygirl, and most of his other films.  I’ve loved him in every single one of them.  He gives off a distinctly masculine, vaguely bad-boy vibe, regardless of his role.  Within seconds he can go from giving off huge amounts of energy as an adorable man child, to a cold introvert who only expresses emotion through his insanely emotional eyes.  I love this man forever.  He does funny things to my heart.  I LOVE YOU GONG YOO!!

So that’s it for me!  I probably forgot some.  I already remembered some more for my Japanese list, and I’m trying to figure out if I should update it or just do a different post.  But what do you guys think?  Agreements?  Disagreements?

9 thoughts on “KSquish’s Favorite Kactors: Male Edition

  1. I’m not much of a kdrama watcher, I’m slowly getting into them so most of these people I have no idea who they are lol. But I did watch You’re Beautiful and loved it. Out of the three actors, I really got into Lee Hong Ki and Jung Yong Hwa.

    • ah, see, i loved hong ki but hated yong hwa. i love cn blue, but he was not a great actor in you’re beautiful (in my opinion). he was adorable, just not great in the acting category. i was more a fan of jang geun seok. if you liked you’re beautiful, though, you should watch some more kdramas. there are some really cute ones out there!

      • I always like characters like the one Yong Hwa played so that might have been a part of it. I haven’t paid attention to his acting after that, i’m more into his music. Same with Lee Hong Ki. I have a drama list with a few, but somehow I never get around to watching them…

      • Haha, I understand. My drama list is about a mile long. I always get excited about shows and say “I’ll watch them next week when I have time” and then forget about it. However I started with jdramas and moved to kdramas. I go through phases now, depending on the seasons. if there are bad jdramas i’ll watch more k… if there are bad k i’ll watch more j… They’re different stylistically but both are great in my opinion!

  2. I totally get that Yonghwa wasn’t much of a good actor in YB >_< He was better in Heartstrings as the usual male lead mold. Same for Kim Hyung Joong in Boys Over Flowers (It was my first kdrama too!), he's not very good at the nice guy act either and I also found him much better in Playful Kiss as the cold and smart guy. ^^~ Love Lee Minho, Kim Soohyun, Sung Joon (!!), and especially Goo Yoo! (He's great in Big)

    • I agree I thought both Yonghwa and KHJ were better in their second projects. I’m glad you agree with the rest of the list! I haven’t gotten around to watching Big yet. I have a bad tendency not to watch currently airing kdramas until the ending comes out, and then marathoning it. But it ends this week, so I may end up watching it! 😉 Thanks for the comment!

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