Ksquish’s Drama Update!

So I was about to start making my Favorite KActors: male edition post when I realized it would take way too long (there are just too many for me to pick from).  It’s already 11 pm, and I want to go to bed early tonight, so instead I’m just going to do another short little post on what my current Korean and Japanese Drama list looks like.  It’ll be an update with shows I’ve finished watching, am watching, need to start watching, and look forward to watching!

ME *ok not actually me* WATCHING TV

So moving on to my lists, let’s start with my Recently completed dramas!

Boss (J-drama) – I LOVE this show.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  The best Japanese crime procedural shows I’ve seen.  The chemistry between all the characters is hilarious, crackling, witty, and perfect.  The mysteries are also fascinating.  Japanese mystery shows have a strange way of making you almost understand the criminal’s psyche.  I often feel bad for the criminal as they walk away to jail, which is a dynamic Boss uses to its advantage really well.  The cases are well thought out, and the Boss is like a bad-ass, brash, loud, female version of Sherlock Holmes.  Love!

We be awesome and cool!

Kagi no Kakatta heya (J-drama) – *sigh* What this drama could have been.  I really loved this drama until the ending.  This is a prime example of why I’m so hesitant to watch currently airing dramas.  The mysteries were great, the mains were well acted.  The grumpy old lawyer guy was hilarious, with his posturing as the genius when he was by far the idiot of the group.  I love Toda Erika, and I’ve never seen anything with Ohno in it before, but he did a good job playing the dispassionate, mysterious, and morally ambiguous Enomoto-san.  However the ending, which could have been awesome, ended with too many unanswered questions and loose ties.  I’ve heard there might be a SP or movie, which gives me hope, but not much.  This show makes me sad for what it could have been.


White Christmas (K-drama) – I already wrote a review of this show in one of my first posts, so if you want to read the whole post, go see it.  However, my overall reaction to this drama was AWESOME!!! I loved it.  It quickly leapt to my favorite list.  I’ve never been so intrigued by a shows’ mystery before.  Also, the hot guys didn’t hurt!

Queen Inhyun’s Man (K-drama) – Another drama that I marathoned in two days.  I love this show so much.  It completes me in ways I didn’t even know needed to be completed.  I want a Kim Boong Do that’s all mine.  Now.  Come on drama gods, I know you have it in your power!  I loved the mood of this show so much.  Between the beautiful OST and the fantastical aspects, I felt like I was in a whole other world, and when I finally finished the show, I emerged back into reality disoriented by the bright lights and loud noises.  LOVE.

Dramas I’m Currently Watching

Boss 2 – So far I don’t love it as much as the first season.  They got rid of Toda Erika, which makes me sad.  Her character was one of the funniest.  Also the mysteries seem to have less punch to them.  However, I still love the chemistry between these guys, so I’m going to finish it anyways.  It’s not a favorite like the first season, but it’s still definitely a good show!

We’re still just as cool!!

Shut Up Flower Boy Band – I’ve also written about this show already, but for those who don’t know, I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! I’m on the 11th episode now, so I’m getting closer to the end, and I can already feel the withdrawal symptoms coming on, so I’m trying to draw it out as much as possible.  The boys are so CUTE!  And, I LOVE SUNG JOON I LOVE SUNG JOON MINE MINE MINE!  Also the music is so awesome and matches the show perfectly.  I LUV YOU GUYS!!!

come on… smile! I know you can do it!

GTO 2012 remake – hee, YAMAMOTO YUSUKE!!!!! Sorry, just had to put that one in there. I love him, what can I say.  People who’ve read my other posts know it.  However, I HATE his hair here.  So much.  So so much.  I’ve only seen the first episode so far, but I thought it was good for the most part.  A bit cheesy.  I prefer Gokusen, but am willing to put that aside for more Yusuke love.

Dramas I really need to finish watching…

King 2 Hearts – I’ve only gotten five episodes into this show for some reason.  I don’t know why, I totally loved the episodes I did see.  Must get back to it!

Padam Padam – I loved the mood of this show, but I was taking exams when I started watching it, and it was just too heavy for me at the time, so I had to shelf it.  However, now that it’s summer, it’s about time I start watching it again!  Also, I love Kim Bum.  I hear he’s shirtless a lot in it… *Suddenly finds new motivation*

Don’t tell me you don’t want to see this shirtless…

Dramas I need to start watching

Beautiful Rain – It has Miura Shohei in it.  Covered in grease.  I’ve got a massive bias towards him.  I luff him.  I don’t care if this show is going to be a steaming pile of crap as long as he’s pretty in it.

Gaksital – It’s Joo Won, playing an awesome, psychotic freedom fighter who has kick-ass martial arts skills and cries sexier than Johnny Depp, Cillian Murphy, and Leo diCapprio (in his young days, before he got chubby) combined.  No more words needed.

Rich Man Poor Woman – Oguri Shun.  Oguri Shun Oguri Shun Oguri Shun!  YAY!  He’s finally not in an awkwardly artsy drama that I won’t touch with a ten foot pole.  WHOOPEE!!!  I honestly don’t even know what this show is about, besides what the wildly uncreative title tells me: apparently rich man, meets poor woman.  Wow.  Intense.  I honestly don’t even care.  OGURI SHUN!!

Big – It’s Gong Yoo.  Playing a child.  Stuck in a man’s body.  A man with abs.  That is all.

you know you can’t resist this image….

…I realize now the common denominator in all these dramas is AWESOME SEXY LEAD MAN ACTOR.  Yeah.  I’m definitely not shallow, or anything like that!


Arang and the Magistrate – Ugh, I’m so excited for this show.  SO EXCITED!!!  I love Shin Min Ah.  I love ghosts.  I love murder (or at least shows about them).  I love romance.  This show is going to be perfect for me.  I can NOT wait.

Faith – LEE MIN HO WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING!???  I’m not even going to post a statement about this, because I’m pretty sure the trailer for this show says enough.  It looks SO GOOD!!!  And yes, on a side note, the guy with the silver hair playing the flute is Yoo Seung Ho.  He looks DAMN good!!

So that’s it.  This post turned out longer than I expected *again* and full of a lot more hot sexy guys *again.*  Oh well.  You get a look into my brain of awesome TV and pretty guys!  So what about you?  What are you watching?  Comments are loved!!!


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