Asians and their inexplicable ability to pull off any fashion

So this is going to be a short but *hopefully* sweet post.  Today I was organizing my images folder (it’s a form of procrastination, and it makes me happy to re-look at pics of shirtless men… don’t judge me) and I stumbled on this great picture from Queen Inhyun’s Man, of Ji Hyun Woo (playing Kim Boong Do).

Now, moving on from the obviously beautiful man that is now sitting in front of you, one of the first things I think of is, “dear lord that man is wearing double denim, and yet he looks SO DAMN GOOD still!”  I know, my brain works in mysterious ways.  My friends have been telling me this for years.  Nevertheless, it is a fact that if any of my male friends attempted this look, they’d end up looking a whole lot more like a less hairy version of this.

As a white girl, I am often struck by Korean men and women’s *unfair* ability to pull off anything they want to.  And ok, I realize that all the Koreans I pay attention to are airbrushed, with perfect jaw-lines and eyes so big you could drown in them, so it’s unrealistic and wrong for me to generalize.  If I sampled from a huge gene pool of Koreans vs. Americans, I’d probably find just as many ugly ducklings drowning in double denim regardless of the country.  However, from my outsider’s perspective, it seems like Kpop stars in particular wear the most bizarre creations I’ve ever seen, and yet they still manage to not only pull them off, but seem normal.

What do you mean “weird”… I look awesome, obviosuly…

In fact, after spending the past three years of my life drooling over pictures of these guys, I’ve become normalized to the bizarre fashion.  Case in point: in Super Junior’s new music video, Sexy, Free, and Single, there were some extremely strange fashion choices.  However, I didn’t even realize how weird some of the outfits were until Simon and Martina pointed it out in their review over at

If I wear more leather with studs, I’ll be cool!

It’s weird… don’t deny it.

Leeteuk… I think you forgot part of your shirt today…

The abs are nice, but the fashion is…

“I’m so sexy, no one will care what I’m wearing!”

For God’s sake, Siwon is only wearing STRING and leather bracelets.  Yes, admittedly I was paying attention to other things during that part of the music video (like, the really pretty background, and I like his hair, and… oh who am I kidding ABS!!!!), but still, I at least should have realized a very essential part of his outfit is missing.

Of course, there are always exceptions.  My dearly beloved G Dragon, for instance, is constantly coming out with new fashion trends.  Most of them I love, and support wholeheartedly.

Approval, he looks like a mythical creature who’s going to cast a spell on you

Others, however, are sooo not ok.


Like, just NOT ok.  At all.

aww HELL no!!

If I had wanted a poodle, I would have bought one.  I don’t like poodles.  They are my least favorite type of dog.  I like them even less when they’re impersonating human beings.

Ok, so I think I got slightly off track somewhere.  Reigning my crazy brain back in, I guess I just have to realize no matter what I do, I will NOT be attempting some of the fashion that these men look so damn good in.  Because, if I did, most peoples’ reactions would be…

Sorry for such a spastic post!  But what do you guys think?  Do you agree, Kpop men manage to pull off way more fashion choices than anyone else?  Or should I just call it quits and admit I’m crazy?  Comments are loved!!


4 thoughts on “Asians and their inexplicable ability to pull off any fashion

  1. I do think in general Kpop idols wear some crazy stuff and most of the time, they can pull it off. You might be questioning who picked out the outfit, but they can work it.

    • Ha, it’s true. I’m sure most of the guys in Super Junior didn’t choose to wear the outfits on display in that music video! We should blame (or thank?) the stylist for that one!

  2. “Today I was organizing my images folder (it’s a form of procrastination, and it makes me happy to re-look at pics of shirtless men… don’t judge me)” So glad to know I’m not the only one who does that! 😀

    I agree with this post whole-heartedly! Especially G-Dragon…love the guy and his bizarre fashion sense but even he sometimes fails LOL.

    • Haha I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that way! GD is gorgeous and manages to pull off most things I would look like a spastic caterpillar in, but it’s undeniable that every once in a while he has some very bad life choices… or fashion choices. Thanks for the comment!!!

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