Shut Up Flower Boy Band

This isn’t a recap or review post. Instead I just wanted to pause and appreciate the awesome that is Shut Up Flower Boy Band.  I’m really late in coming to this show.  It’s been out for months, and has been on my “to watch” list since I read the recap of the first episode over at dramabeans.  However, for some reason, I kept forgetting to start it until this week.  After watching White Christmas, my love for Sung Joon was sparked into full gear, and when I looked him up, I saw he was in SUFBB with Lee Min Ki, who is one of my all time favorite Korean actors.  So, after a small amount of denial, and a couple of hours spent watching fanvids, I gave in and watched the first episode.

Now, I’m still only on the ninth episode, but so far I love this drama to little heart-shaped bits.  I want to embody the drama into a little thumb-sized person and bring it around with me at all times so I can look at the cute whenever I want to.  If you’ve read my other posts, you’ll know I’m a sucker for delinquent boys and bromance dramas, so there was no way I wouldn’t like this show.  On top of that, I love musical and rock dramas, so this show is pretty much just my brand of awesome.

The thing that really makes it or breaks it for these shows, however, is the OST.  Without a good soundtrack, these shows are nothing.  A lot of my favorite musical dramas have been hurt by bad music and the characters’ inabilities to perform the songs well.  That creates a massive disconnect where I’m supposed to be happy for the characters’ success but honestly can’t, because the songs suck.  On the other hand, if the song is good, and the characters own it, then a drama, which might have only been decent, gets sky-rocketed up to FRIKKIN AWESOME level.

This drama, on the other hand, was already awesome, and the OST made it even better.  I love the way this drama feels, with its slightly fantastical coloring, and grungy dirtiness.  I love the characters, who all feel very real, and despite their prettiness (the band’s called Eye Candy for a reason) their blasé anti-establishment rebelliousness.  I love all the heart the guys have, and how much they miss their dead friend Byung Hee (played by the awesomely dynamic Lee Min Ki).  And on top of everything, I LOVE this OST.  I love that they sing it live, that you can hear the rough parts and mistakes when they’re practicing, and the more polished but still very live feeling of the real performances.

First, here’s Lee Min Ki’s song “Not in Love,” which isn’t played very often, but is still absolutely beautiful.

Next, Jaywalking, sung by Sung Joon.  Oh dear God, I LOVE this song.  So much.  It feels rough around the edges, and just really full of life and energy.  So much awesome.

Today, also sung by Sung Joon.  This song really showcases how gorgeous his voice is, which I was NOT expecting (and has seriously not helped me in curbing my love for him).  It’s a really beautiful, simple, sad song that makes me want to give the boy a huge hug and tell him everything’s going to be ok.

Wake Up.  Ok, so I’ve not actually gotten to the episode where they play this song.  I *maybe* cheated and looked up some of the other songs on youtube.  I don’t know when this song gets played or why, but I’m really looking forward to it, because it feels a lot more raw, angsty, and even angry.  That really excites me for what is to come in the future episodes!

Besides the music, the boys and their relationships absolutely make this world one that I want to live in.  Here’s a small breakdown of the characters, and why I love them!

First of all, Lee Min Ki, you complete me.  If I was Korean and a star, you’re one of the few people I’d want to call oppa, and I’d follow you around like a little lost puppy until you picked me up and made me your pet.  He’s such a great actor, and he showcases that by the two episode cameo he has.  His character, Byung Hee, is dynamic, magnetic, and I was SO not happy when they killed him off.  Min Ki absolutely nailed his performance as the slightly crazy, intensely charismatic leader of Eye Candy.

Sung Joon.  *giggle.  Hi!!  Ok, well, I probably don’t need to heap any more praise on this guy, but I DON’T CARE I’M GONG TO DO IT ANYWAY.  He plays Ji Hyuk, the adorably gruff, silent, and intimidating replacement leader, who is actually all bark and no bite, and has a soft mushy marshmallow core.  He’s got one of the sexiest stare downs ever, but then the next moment he’s grinning like a little boy on Christmas morning because his crush likes his voice and songs.  SO CUTE!!  I want him.  So badly!  I totally MINE this actor.  I’ll say it right here, right now, he is MINE!!

Infinite’s L as Hyun Soo.  Ok, I love Infinite, and while L is not my favorite member, I’ve always liked him well enough.  I wasn’t really expecting much from him as an actor but he surprised me with his talent.  He’s doing a really great job.  At first I didn’t like his character, because he seemed like the more selfish, douchey guy.  However, that changed after their performance episode.  He messed up, got hurt, and got kicked off the stage.  Rather than being angry at Ji Hyuk, however, his reaction was fear that Ji Hyuk would be upset with him.  I was crying at that moment, because he seemed so scared and vulnerable.  He’s a wonderfully layered character who actually cares more about his friends than possibly any of the other members besides Ji Hyuk.

Lee Hyun Jae as Do Il.  This is actually one of my favorite characters.  He provides a lot of silent support to both Ji Hyuk as the leader, and the rest of the band.  He’s kind of like the silent glue that holds all the different personalities together.  I’ve never heard of Hyun Jae before this.  From my cursory google search it seems like he’s a *very pretty** drummer in real life.  I’ve also heard he’s not full Korean, and has some European blood in him, however I kind of think it’s a shame people are focusing on his race rather than his acting.  He’s doing a really great job so far, and I hope he gets together with the groupy girl.

Then Kim Min Suk and Yoo Min Kyu.  These two characters really need to go together, because they’re in the most adorably bromantic relationship ever.  So much cute!!!

Anyways, this post turned into a longer one than I was originally planning, but I couldn’t say no to the ridiculously cute guys and awesome music!  Do you guys like this show?  Any thoughts?  Comments are loved!

Also, here’s a fanvid I absolutely adore for this show.  


7 thoughts on “Shut Up Flower Boy Band

  1. I’ve just typed THIS long of a comment, and my browser decided to close itself for no particular reason!!! >_______>

    You wrote this so well! I agree with everything you say about the characters and the soundtrack. :3 While watching this drama, it made me recall BECK (probably you’ve seen it) and it was really annoying that you could never hear Takeru’s voice throughout the whole damn movie! I mean he doesn’t have to sing, but he could lip sync or something. Every time he sang, the audience was in awe, but you couldn’t hear this “mystical” voice. It totally ruined the movie for me, I finished if for Mizushima Hiro’s sake. I’ve never been a Mukai or Takeru fan anyway. What I’m trying to say is that, if you’re shooting a music-based movie/drama, the actors should be capable of it. And this drama has it all. I never thought Joon’s voice would be that good. 8D And the songs are catchy except ridiculous English lyrics xD. I also loved the fact that it had 16 episodes! So the plot didn’t just rush through. It was nice to see the families of some of the boys rather than just the lead’s. It makes it more realistic than Tumbling where you only see Wataru’s parents. These are high school boys so they still depend on their parents to a certain extent. It was a nice detail imo.

    I won’t even bother and comment on Minki and Joon because they are flawless anyway, and this comment might not end. xD I just wish Minki’s character hadn’t died, or at least not that quickly! That “oppa” comment cracked me, he is just so precious. XD

    L is so adorable! I totally loved the many faces he made. >D He looks so self-centered at first, but he has his own inner conflicts and I just wanted to hug and comfort him. :3

    JAE!!! THIS BOY IS AMAZING! akjshdkajshfkjdahfkd I totally loved his character to bits. I’d die to have a friend like him. Reminds me of Kyoya from Ouran. He is intelligent and he could read the atmosphere so well when others couldn’t. :3 Ugh, I also came across those “racial” comments on a site, it’s so disturbing that some people say things like “he is not full Korean but anyway bla bla…”. Since when there is a rule for celebrities to be full Korean or Japanese?! >_> I think his European blood just adds to his perfection, and makes him even more unique. He is so lovely.

    Min Suk and Min Kyu, they provided most of the humour and cuteness in the drama. xD Suk is just so tiny and adorable, and Kyu… Well, honestly at first I didn’t like him much. Then he dyed his hair to black and I lost it! He is really sexy in the last episodes. And that “headless” part in the last episode just killed me. XDDD

    Now I’ll rant a bit about Su Ah. I totally hated her throughout the drama! I just yawned the entire time she was on the screen. It’s not the actress’ fault of course, she is really pretty but I didn’t like her character. The thing is I don’t like “princess” type of girls, the ones that are powerless, silent, and in constant need of a male “hero” to protect them. Her father is imprisoned so both Seung Hoon and Ji Hyuk try to help her. I totally got the vibe of “if there is no patriarch, a woman cannot survive”. This idea is unfortunately so common in almost every country, especially in Asian ones. So I felt like it was being rubbed on my face the entire time or I’m just reading too much feminist criticism.

    • Wow this comment is epic! I love you so much! Thanks for always writing me such great responses! If you can believe it I still haven’t finished this drama. I’m stuck on episode 12 because I’m scared bad angsty things are coming. Also I’ve been watching loads of Supernatural recently (it’s my current crack, I have no explanation for how or why I’ve suddenly turned into such a fangirl but it happened). I really need to get back to it though. I agree with you on pretty much everything. Sung Joon and Min Ki are epicly amazing of course (I’ve always loved Min Ki and Sung Joon is a recent crush but he keeps proving himself to be awesome). I’ve surprisingly not seen Beck. It’s been on my to watch list for ages because I love Mizushima Hiro and shows with music, but just haven’t gotten round to it for some reason. But if the music is like you explain, then I’ll probably be pretty annoyed. One of the biggest charms of this drama is its realism when it comes to the music. The fact that you can hear their voices straining in the practice version is just so awesome in my opinion. You don’t feel like you’re listening to a recording, you feel like you’re listening to people practicing! I’m glad you agree about Hyun Jae. I don’t understand the horrible comments I’ve read about him. His acting was great, and he just gives off genuinely wonderful and nice human vibes. Also he’s pretty DAMN hot in my opinion. I have to admit I’ve kind of started shipping him and Sung Joon (in the drama) because I agree Su Ah is pissing me off. In Kdramas it’s a lot more common for weak princess characters, and of all of them, she’s at least a little independent (she gets a job and works instead of complaining), and stands her own ground. However, she still is way too dependent on others in my opinion. I like the groupie much more, though I want her to end up with Hyun Jae! I can’t believe you finished it before me! Totally need to get off my ass and finish watching it!

      • Ahaha awwwwww, I love you too! :3 I’m glad I found someone I can talk about so many things! ^-^
        Oh you haven’t?! I thought you already did so I was writing as I pleased. I never wanted it to end honestly, but thanks to Tumblr I was spoiled a few times while searching under the “SUFBB” tag! I was scared I would be spoiled about the ending or something so I just finished it right away. People are careless and just type about ANYTHING without putting any kind of “spoiler” warning so…
        Lol you haven’t seen BECK? xD Well, you don’t miss much imo, other than Hiro’s lovely presence and hearing him speak English so well! Takeru just bugged me so much in that movie. >_>
        Ah, same here! I really don’t get why people even comment on his race in the first place. He is such a good actor and needless to say he is bloody hot!
        “I have to admit I’ve kind of started shipping him and Sung Joon (in the drama) because I agree Su Ah is pissing me off.” LOL This so much! The thing is being the perv that I am, I ship them outside of the drama too. XD
        Ugh, I thought that might be the case with Korean dramas in general. Haha, so there are worse princess types than her?! For some reason I don’t want to imagine that. >D
        You should totally finish it! I was a bit skeptical about the ending, fearing it might ruin the awesomeness of the drama but I found it quite real and satisfying. (:

      • Yeah, I’ve started it again. Finished episode 12 last night (and I have to admit Su Ah is pissing me off more and more. She’s like a deer in the headlights for god’s sake). There are some great heroines in kdramas, but also some extremely annoying ones. I think I’ve gotten the short end of the stick because I’m a big fan of romcoms, so I subject myself to all sorts of sexist patriarchal TV shows in hopes for some cute scenes. And see, I’m just as much a perv as you, only my problem is that I just imagine both of them with me rather than them together. I think I’m a bit too selfish and possessive 😉
        You should watch Mr. Brain because before that drama I really disliked Takeru, but he was in one episode and my mind was blown by his acting and character. I’m not exactly a fan of his, but I’m a lot more interested. I’m also quite excited because he’s in the new Rurouni Kenshin movie, which looks pretty damn awesome in my opinion!

      • I didn’t get a notification for your reply. o.O And now it doesn’t allow me to reply your latest response so I’m not sure where this will show when I post it. XD

        lol Su Ah annoyed me even in the fanvid you shared on Tumblr, and she was on the screen like 5 seconds or something. xD The screen time she steals in that drama… >_> Have you finished it yet? The last few episodes were so intense. This drama set my expectations too high, the producers should put these boys in another drama. XD
        Well, actually I’m not against romance, but I just don’t like when numerous movies/dramas stereotype women as these vulnerable, powerless, silent creatures. And in Asian dramas, this is generally the case. :/
        Ah, I downloaded Mr Brain, it’s on my “to watch” list. Now I’m trying to finish “White Christmas”, damn it’s good! I’ve just watched ep. 4, and I’m planning on watching two more episodes tonight. XD
        I don’t hate Takeru but at the same time I don’t understand all the hype about him. Yes, he is cute and all but I think there are better actors than him in the Japanese industry that deserve more attention. I think it’s a hit or miss situation with me and Takeru; in some dramas I like him, and in some I really don’t. Same with Mukai Osamu, I find him a bit over-rated considering his acting abilities. Though I found him slightly better in “Hungry!” than most of his other dramas/movies. xD

      • Oh that’s weird! I dunno why it didn’t notify you! I did finish the drama. Last night. Ugh, I had a bucket of tears accompanying me (especially through episode 14, I think you may have seen the after effects of that on tumblr). I loved the ending so so much. I personally enjoyed the first half of the drama more, because of a) Lee Min Ki and b) I think the angst of dealing with his death and their hope was a bit more inspiring than the fallout of fame. However the last episode totally made the drama spectacular, and I’m so glad they got back their friendship and happiness, even if it meant they didn’t pursue the same dream. I think my problem with Su Ah is how she ended up. I liked her in the beginning. She was spoiled and princessy, but she was still interesting and slightly different, and she was willing to tell people what she was thinking. However, by the end she was just a wishy-washy girl character that I had no sympathy for, going between rich boy and caring boy with apparently no ability to take care of herself. That really pissed me off, and left me with a really bad taste in my mouth. I liked her paring with Ji Hyuk in the first half of the drama, but by the end I couldn’t help screaming “YOU DESERVE BETTER” to the screen. But no matter what, I’m still very happy with the ending. I’m glad you told me to finish it, because it definitely didn’t disappoint me. Also I’m so glad you’re liking White Christmas! It’s kind of artsy and it wasn’t very popular in Korea, but I absolutely adore it. I honestly had no idea where it was going. However, have to admit, the girl in that drama pisses me off as well. Talk about someone who depends too much on the (extremely attractive) guys!!! ^.^

  2. lol WordPress didn’t let me continue with that huge comment. xD

    Speaking of the female cast, I totally loved Ye Rim and Woo Kyung! They were both so lovely, and they were really nice couples with L and Jae. :3 I wanted to beat Ji Hyuk for treating Woo so badly though. >_>
    Also, Su Ah should have been at least a bit sad about Byung Hee’s death. She seemed not moved at all. It might be the real reason behind my actual hate against her, dunno. XD

    Hmmm… I think I said everything I wanted to say for now. XD And oh, thanks a lot for recommending me this awesome drama! :3

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