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I’m Back!!! You’ve missed me haven’t you!??

Seriously, the fashion is WEIRD sometimes

As is mentioned in my “About Me” section of this blog, over the course of the past few years I’ve become a pretty diehard fan of Kpop.  My friends tend to find it amusing that a girl who normally listens to bands like Radiohead and Mumford and Sons devotes hours of her time watching music videos and shouting “G DRAGON SARANGHEYO” in my room, but it is a fact, nevertheless, that Kpop is ridiculously catchy.  Everything about the way it is manufactured, from the *cough* extremely attractive men, the boatloads of guyliner, the flashy (though at times bizarre) outfits, and the catchy tunes that get stuck in your head within seconds, that make Kpop very difficult not to love once you’ve been converted.  So, considering the fact this blog is still experimental, I thought I’d do a little post on the songs I’ve been jamming to over the past few weeks.  If people like it, maybe I’ll make it a recurring theme!

it’s impossible not to think this boy is adorable…

But first, I must put in a word to start.  Now every girl has her biases, and I make no attempts to hide mine: I am a huge YG fan.  My G Dragon obsession took up a good two years of my life and for that he and his band will always have a soft spot in my heart.  It helps that their music is awesome.  I mean, who didn’t like Blue from their last album?  And as much as Taeyang’s hair in the Monster MV was kind of awful, the song was undeniably good.  Likewise, 2NE1 fulfills my personal taste of badass to a tee.  However, I do not want you guys to think I’m a YG-only girl, because that’s just not the case.  In fact the first band I ever liked, and the one that got me into Kpop originally, was Super Junior.  The first time I watched their Sorry Sorry MV I was shocked and amused by the fact it took thirteen people to say sorry, but for some reason I kept replaying the music video, and by the end of the day, rather than thirteen members being ridiculous overkill, I was questioning why they stopped at 13.  There are actually very few Kpop bands I dislike, and while some hold a sweeter spot in my heart, I am perfectly capable of listening to songs from bands I normally don’t fangirl over.

So, that done, for the first video!

2NE1’s I Love You!

As I mentioned earlier, I love this band so much.  They have never released a song I disliked.  Even their debut song Fire was epic, and Kpop debuts are notoriously questionable in terms of quality.  This song is a big change-up for the girls.  They seem to move on a bit from their “Get lost we’re independent women” days, since this song’s main chorus is “I love you,” but their style makes up for the less badass MV.  Dara, you’ve always been my least favorite member, but you look gorgeous right now.  The half shaved head has never looked better on anyone, and especially with the purple wig, she looks absolutely stunning and fierce.  Bom’s hair is awesome, and even though CL didn’t change it up much, I have the biggest girl crush on her (I WISH WE WERE FRIENDS, BE FRIENDS WITH ME) and I love her army jacket and bandana.  Also, WHEN DID MINZY GROW UP!? Damn, girl you look GOOD!  Those people who say you’re too big for kpop need to shut up and look at their own lives before judging her.  Her curves are damn sexy.  This is personally my least favorite MV of theirs, but one of my favorite songs.  I wish they’d done an MV with a bit more of a story or meaning than just moody lighting and cool outfits, but I still do love it.  Welcome back girls!  *Also on a side note, did anyone else see their live performance?  CL had a frikkin parrot on her shoulder for half of it!  Awesome!!!*

Super Junior’s Sexy Free and Single

****Ok, pause for one moment of fangirling.****  KANGIN OPPA I MISSED YOU!!! WELCOME BACK!!! COME HERE AND GIVE ME A BIG OLD HUG OK!??

Ok, that’s done.  I love this song and music video so much.  I’m pretty tired of SM’s use of, as eatyourkimchi.com says, “oddly lit rooms and weird camera motions,” but Super Junior can still pull it off.  Also, I really like the coloring of the video, so that’s a plus.  The dance is awesome.  The last thirty seconds especially are spectacular in my opinion, and I keep repeating them over and over.  Super Junior’s strengths have always been in their sheer number, and when they’re dancing together in sync it never ceases to make me smile like a fool.  Eunhyuk and Donghae look awesome, as does Siwon and Leeteuk.  I’m a big fan of Kyuhyun, and I was happy to see how many dancing spotlights he got, because he’s worked really hard on his dancing since his car accident.  Anyways I love this song.  Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung’s vocal solos in particular are awesome.

After School’s Flashback!

Ok, so here’s a band I really don’t pay attention to that much.  I don’t know all the members’ names, only UEE, Lizy and Nana (and Kahi, of course but she’s not in the MV so I’ll leave her out of it).  Also, while I really liked their song Bang, I wasn’t much a fan of Shampoo, so I’m generally iffy about this group.  However, I LOVE THIS SONG!!! The chorus is really catchy, and the girls all look amazing and sexy. I’m normally not a fan of songs where girls dress up scantily and try to look sexy, but this works for me, because they own it really well.  Honestly, I’ve spent quite a bit of time listening to this song over the past few weeks.  My biggest complaint is I feel it ends too quickly, which if anything is really more of a compliment than an insult!

Gangkiz Mama

Ok, so this is Gangkiz’s debut song, and I really like it.  The girls’ voices are nice and husky, and I like the whistling in the intro and chorus.  However, I HATE their stage outfits with a fiery passion.  No joke.  I want to burn them.  The black tight pants especially manage to make some of the girls look chunky, which is ridiculous considering they probably all weigh about 90 pounds.  I’ve not seen the drama version of the mv, but maybe it’s a bit better.  At the moment, I love the song, but think they should try to step their MV game up.

Sistar’s Loving U

Love love love!!!  Hyorin is another girl I’ve got a big ol’ girl crush on.  Her voice is amazing.  Also, she’s gorgeous and all the girls are actually *insert gasp* kind of curvy for kpop girls (mind, they probably still only weigh 90 pounds, but it’s an improvement nevertheless).  The song is really cute and catchy, and the girls look like they’re genuinely having fun in it.  Perfect for summer!

And lastly, Vixx’s debut song Super Hero!

I know this came out in May, but I’ve been getting a bit grumpy with all the rookie debuts recently, so I didn’t hear about this one until recently.  The MV is kind of cheesy, and you have no idea how badly I want to shave the head of that guy with the floppy long brown hair, but the song and dance are really catchy, and it has a nice, vaguely indie vibe for a new band.  I’m going to keep my eye out on them.  I’m not sold yet, but if they keep coming out with good songs, then they’ll make a fan of me yet!

Anyways that’s it for my recent Kpop listens!  Lemme know what you guys think!  Do you agree? Disagree?  Any others I should be listening to?  Comment and Sungmin will give you a hug and a kitten!!

not mine, taken from tumblr somewhere a long time ago

Could you say no to a hug from that face!?


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